Jul 022014
Missed Opportunities: SWTOR's Gambling Problem

SWTOR Game update 2.8 “Spoils of War” was deployed a few weeks ago and while I wasn’t able to get in and play a lot right when the patch first dropped I have had some time in the last week to do some serious credit destruction. Here are my thoughts on this event. SWTOR Update [...]

Jun 192014
Hobby Tip: Improve Your Miniature Painting Today With a Wet Palette

I get a lot of questions about painting miniatures, specifically about things that new miniatures painters can do to improve the quality of their paint jobs. In my opinion there are three really important things that you can do to help yourself out. These are (in no particular order), brush control – which comes with [...]

Jun 052014
Hobby Quick Tip: Daylight Bulbs for Miniature and Model Painting

You’ve probably realized that miniatures hobbyists are a fairly diverse group and while there are a lot of tried and true tricks of the trade there’s also a lot of varying opinions about how to get things done. One thing that the entire community is in agreement on though, is that you need good lighting [...]

May 282014
Sticky Situation – Glues for Miniatures & Modeling Projects

Something that I get asked a lot when I’m talking miniatures is what glue to use for various projects. For a lot of folks coming in to the miniatures hobby, glue is almost an afterthought, something you throw in to the pile of stuff you’re buying at checkout. For others it can be a mystery, [...]

May 092014
Miniature & Modeling Hobby Tools - More Essentials

The last couple of posts here have been about not spending absurd amounts of money on your basic tools for assembling and finishing miniatures and model kits. If you read “How To Save $100 On Hobby Tools” then you’ll recall that I mentioned I’d recommend  some other tools beyond the basics that you’ll probably want to [...]