Feb 172015
Airbrushing for the Miniatures Hobby – Airbrush Accessories

In the last couple of articles we’ve looked at airbrushes and airbrush compressors. Today we’ll continue with that theme by exploring all of the extra stuff that you may need as you begin to airbrush. In terms of price per item the airbrush and compressor are likely the two most expensive parts of the process. […]

Feb 112015
Airbrushing for the Miniatures Hobby – Airbrush Compressors & Hardware

Picking up from the last article on airbrush basics I’d like to talk about the other big decision when it comes to entering the airbrush hobby – what to use as an air source. For most of you this will mean some sort of compressor but even with that decision made there are still some […]

Feb 062015
Airbrushing for the Miniatures Hobby – Airbrush Basics & Mini Reviews

I’ve been thinking about airbrushes a lot lately and there’s been increasing discussion on some of the various hobby groups and boards I participate with or lurk on. The discussion usually starts with someone asking what specifically they should buy or do when they’re starting out with airbrushing. This is a pretty interesting subject and […]

Jul 022014
Missed Opportunities: SWTOR's Gambling Problem

SWTOR Game update 2.8 “Spoils of War” was deployed a few weeks ago and while I wasn’t able to get in and play a lot right when the patch first dropped I have had some time in the last week to do some serious credit destruction. Here are my thoughts on this event. SWTOR Update […]

Jun 192014
Hobby Tip: Improve Your Miniature Painting Today With a Wet Palette

I get a lot of questions about painting miniatures, specifically about things that new miniatures painters can do to improve the quality of their paint jobs. In my opinion there are three really important things that you can do to help yourself out. These are (in no particular order), brush control – which comes with […]