Nov 202015
Eight Tabletop Games That Make Great Holiday Gifts

We haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving yet and already we’re being bombarded with commercials about Christmas and there are huge holiday themed displays almost everywhere you shop. Since we’re just about to ramp up to level 9000 on the Christmas-O-Meter I thought this would be a good time to share some tabletop game suggestions. […]

Nov 192015
Review: Wall Mount Nail Polish/Hobby Paint Rack

Something that seems to come up quite a bit in hobby forums and social media is the subject of paint storage. Pretty frequently I see people asking how other hobbyists store their hobby paints or if someone can recommend a pre-made hobby paint rack or storage unit. Hobby Paint Storage Racks Can Be Pricey You […]

Nov 182015
Etsy Review: Typhoon Paint Mixer for Hobby & Airbrush Paints

Continuing the idea of sharing stuff that I’ve found to be useful or unique for gamers and hobbyists, today we’re going to look at something really different, the Typhoon Paint Mixer. The Typhoon Paint Mixer is available on Etsy from the seller Kennedys Art Supply. Just What Is The Typhoon Paint Mixer? Simply put it’s […]

Nov 172015
Review: High Quality Dice Bags by Etsy Seller Greyed Out

Throughout the year I see and use lots of unique and useful items that I believe gamers and hobbyists would probably be interested in hearing about. Unfortunately, most of the time I jot down a few notes about these items or shoot out a quick tweet with the intent to share more info about them […]

Mar 312015
Dwarven Forge City Builder Terrain is Great for Wargamers Too

The other day I wrote a bit about Dwarven Forge’s various Kickstarters for their Dwarvenite range of dungeon terrain sets. Something that I didn’t mention at the time was that I think that this current set – the City Builder Terrain System, is really well suited for wargames and skirmish wargames in particular. What Is […]