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First a little about me: I’m a “seasoned” geek who’s been playing  tabletop games since I stumbled across a slightly beat up and mysterious looking boxed set of Dungeons & Dragons. I should note that when I say tabletop, I’m sweeping a large variety of games into that category. This includes board games, bookcase war games like the old SPI and Avalon Hill games, miniature war games (Warhammer 40K, Battletech, historical and others), collectible card & miniature games and RPGs of all sorts. My favorites tend to be heavily themed games with a strong miniatures component, this includes RPG’ing with dungeon terrain and miniatures.

I have never lost my love of games and I am (sometimes overly) enthusiastic and evangelistic about games and gaming. I love the entertainment and distraction that games give us from our everyday routines and I really enjoy the social aspect of gaming. I have on occasion, driven Mrs. HolyCrapIt’sLate and my kids a little crazy with requests to try out a new game or play test an idea before I spring it on friends at the next game night (and I consider myself very fortunate to have a family who are patient, as well as bemused when it comes to my geekyness).

After a decade long stint of playing MMO’s that included guest writing for various gaming sites and blogs along with a stint as a regular Staff Writer/Columnist for the SWTOR fan site TORWars.com I now consider myself a “recovering MMO’er” as I’ve decided I’d rather put the time I was using to play  online games into more physical gaming and the hobbying like painting miniatures and building terrain that goes along with that. In addition to gaming I’m a beer and home brewing enthusiast and I like to cook (and eat). I enjoy the fact that these activities are also highly social and enjoyable in a “the more the merrier” way. I usually brew with friends and I definitely love to cook with (and for) people that I enjoy spending time with.

My goal is to bring you a few posts a month, about gaming, beer and food (with an emphasis on game night snacks). You’ll see a sprinkling of other things that I like thrown in from time to time as well. Look for reviews, user guides, commentary and the occasional rant. You may also see the occasional guest post (and if you’re interested in contributing an article to HCIL please DO let me know). I hope you enjoy it and find something of value here.

Oh, and why Holy Crap It’s Late? It’s a reference to those game nights where you’re having so much fun that that you lose track of time and when you finally come up for a breather it’s waaaaay later than you thought it was.

I’d love to hear from you or learn about things that you like as well. Comments and discussion are always welcome, all I ask that you keep things civil.

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